Sprinkler Design & Installation

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Deciding which type of fire sprinkler system to install in your building, arena or home is crucial to optimizing safety.

When you work with Dalmatian Fire, our experts provide guidance on how to maximize safety by installing a system that is right for your property, whether it’s a wet pipe or dry pipe system, a foam or deluge system, or any other type on the market today.

Fire Sprinkler Design

Research indicates that a well-designed fire sprinkler system layout saves lives. Our AutoCAD and 3D Building Information Modeling programs allow us to create a sprinkler system design for your property in accordance with NFPA standards and all other relevant codes.

From initial consultation to project completion, Dalmatian Fire is committed to providing optimal fire sprinkler design on time and within budget.


Fire sprinkler systems are credited with saving countless lives since their advent in the 1800s. Today, proper installation and service of fire sprinkler system layouts continues to be essential. Because of Dalmatian Fire’s extensive experience in a wide variety of jobs and our keen knowledge of fire standards and codes, we are able to install your job with expertise and efficiency.